about us

we don’t know how to say about ourselves. but, Please take two minutes out of your valuable time and learn about us.

how we made the difference

we made the difference by our three thumb rules, the experience, efforts and executions. 

We started Versillia in the year 2015 as a wedding planning company.

The beginning was tough; we rented a small room as an office and started our journey from there.

In the first year we landed a few wedding projects only. The journey was difficult and full of ups and downs but the happiness and joy of our clients are what kept us moving and helped us overcome the troubles.

Les Brown said “If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.”, and this is what actually happened, as we did numerous weddings next year and soon we landed a destination wedding project in Lucknow. In 2017, we started our in house production and entered the commercial event industry too. And we have never looked back since then.

In 2018-19 after successfully doing many commercial and corporate events, we got a destination wedding project overseas. After this we started providing hospitality too.

And now in 2020-21, we represent ourselves as a brand. Now VERSILLIA is not just a name that can help u in weddings or events, it has become everything you could wish for. From private, commercial, corporate events to makeup, gifting, hospitality and light n sound, Versillia has become the solution to all your problems.

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how we Make Your Ceremony be the Special day

we start planning with colors, shades and services and end with pack-up.  operate by the mind and execute by the Love.

we always work for the client’s desires. first, we start from the requirements and finding the bride’s and groom’s dreams. after that, we take some time to make a perfect plan for the day of the wedding and ensure that they should be more comfortable and got more stunning, and creative décor. we try to provide their required service in a time frame and quality.

we present an inspiring, gorgeous, fabulous, and heart-touching feelable décor. it’s not readymade, we need to create it by the imaginations and creative mind we also considered client’s requirement as first priority, and then we start thinking and planning procedure

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we design your family and personal moments like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, proposals, and much more according to your dreams.