these are not our services, it’s way towards professionalism 


the venue is the most essential in event & weddings. we always take care of your pocket and service commitment


This is only way where we can show you, our creativity, imaginations and designing skills. we don’t create themes, create dreams.


Accommodation and travelling arrangements are the most relevant parts of a wedding. we take care of it as professionals


the toughest job in the world but it’s quite interesting and enjoyable work to keep someone happy and feel comfortable. 

Décor & Flowers

fragrance of roses are made for the souls only. 

wedding decorations are a most stunning part of a wedding. to make complement,  every theme, color, element, and style can make a unique design for your perfect day. we work with a vision to design and organize wedding events matching the latest trends and client ambitions yielding the best kind of wedding decorations. always try to generate moments of joy and long-lasting memories for the hosting families. we’ll ensure you & your family enjoys your wedding day and raises the roof with your loved ones. Leave the stress of decorations and aesthetic arrangements on us. 

wedding decorations significantly help set the mood; personalized wedding décor items add a personal touch, and aesthetically designed pillars and columns add a touch of class.

Hospitality & Logistics

let your guests comfortable as you are with us.

A wedding is the most special moment for two souls. gathering of guests and family members waits for cheerful celebrations and lots of arrangements. These huge arrangements require a professional team to handle them comfortably. And this is what, we exactly do as versillia India. Also, we are with lots of Wedding facilities and arrangements ideas, here to make your special day.

Hospitality services are common now to do hassle-free weddings. we have a professional responsive team who arrange the schedule and take care of everything without pressurizing the parents and family. Further, we’ll provide every requirement for both accommodation and transportation services.


We always give our best services to make your wedding day perfect. and gives you stress free wedding planning services


your imperfect memorable events with us as baby showers, birthday parties, and spiritual events. you’ll found perfect


mark your imperfect memorable events with us as baby showers, birthday parties, and spiritual events. you’ll found perfect

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we design your family and personal moments like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, proposals, and much more according to your dreams.